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Can a car fail its mot on windscreen wipers?



Mainly yes, your car can fail its MOT on windscreen wipers if they do not operate or are missing. It can also fail if the wiper blade is defective or does not clean the windscreen properly for example leaving smudges, or streeks.

What the DVSA MOT manual states is the following.

Can a car fail its mot on windscreen wipers?

You do not need to inspect windscreen wipers on vehicles with:

An opening windscreen.

Some other means of giving the driver an adequate view through the windscreen to the front, left and right

You only need to reject a windscreen wiper if it’s clearly damaged or worn.

(a) Wiper not operating or missingMajor
(b) Wiper blade:

(i) defective
(ii) missing or obviously not clearing the windscreen